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My name is Stephanie Nicole Wright. You are cordially and sincerely invited into the inner chambers of my beating creative heart. SugarFlame Photography is my labor of love….my passion….my second child….a warm force that glows like an ember deep in the pit of my belly.

I am a truth seeker who finds herself intoxicated by the human condition. Shying away from labels, I welcome you to write your own story around the photos you see here in my portfolio. I only hope to evoke emotion, thought and curiosity. My aim is too shoot not only with my eyes but with my heart free of rules, judgment or preconceived notions. I see beauty in many things all the while understanding that conventional beauty is not the beginning or end of anything. This is the medium through which I attempt to share not only the external elements of what make us who we are but also the deeper, richer texture of spirit that we all share and that connects us all.

I am the mother of a fantastic little boy and I have a background in Acting, Modeling and Makeup Artistry (professionally certified with over ten years experience). My life path has blessed me with great empathy for my clients whether they are seeking headshots, a zed card or family portraits. I have walked in your shoes and understand the pleasures and challenges within the journey. My style of shooting is organic, free flowing and fun. Professional Makeup Artistry and retouching are included on all of my shoots.

I consider myself a very mutable artist and my influence will definitely always be a part of the photos that are commissioned by my private clients. However, it is ultimately your story that I yearn to tell and I always feel honored to be part of that process and that vulnerability. I am available for just about any type of shoot that you could think of, so don’t be shy.  I look forward to creating a custom experience for you that will stir the fires of your inspiration, joy, growth and awe for that miraculous self that makes you uniquely you.